Our Philosophy
We believe fitness is about doing what you love

We believe fitness is about being able to move freely and with ease 

We believe fitness is an individual journey

We believe fitness is about about taking ownership of your body and health

We believe in testing yourself and continuing to learn and be challenged no matter your age

We believe fitness should enhance your life, not distract from it

We believe fitness is first and foremost about how you can perform and how you feel

Dylan Staniec - Owner/Head Coach

Dylan is both a lifelong athlete and lover of the outdoors. He has spent much of his life playing sports and traveling the world. He is a successful strength and conditioning coach that spent a number of years as the owner/operator of a gym in his home town of Santa Cruz. 

He decided to sell his gym and start Sea To Summit Training so he could focus exclusively on working one-on-one with people who love the outdoors 

"I always considered myself an active person but my life changed when I found fitness. It gave me a controlled environment to test my own limits. As my progress soared in the gym so to did my confidence and belief in my self. 

Today I am in the best shape I have ever been, am competing at the highest level of sport that I ever have, and feel strong and energetic on a daily basis. Gone are the days of feeling constantly fatigued and beat up"

Dylan's goal is to help as many people as he can improve their lives and continue to do the things they love by helping to guide them through their journey in fitness. 

Dylan spent a number of years traveling the world before deciding to return to school. He received a BS in anthropology from UC Berkley. 

Ultimately Dylan found his true passion in coaching and loves watching the positive impact that fitness can have on peoples lives. 

Currently he lives in Santa Cruz with his wife and daughter. They continue to travel and explore as often as possible.

Athletically, Dylan's main endeavor is now competitive sailing and his time training is spent preparing him for the demands on the boat.