Are you ready to get back outdoors, eliminate those nagging aches and pains, and look, feel, and perform the best you have in years? 

You don’t have to miss out on awesome trips or give up on your lifelong addiction to the great outdoors. You don’t have to surrender to aches and pains or stay home feeling sorry for yourself.


With a customized strength and conditioning program and your own personal coach guiding your training, you can have the strength, stamina, and confidence to get back out on the mountain or wave or road.

"For years I avoided exercise because I was overwhelmed with the prospect of making real progress. 

After just a few months of working with Dylan I was stronger and more aware of how to use my body in daily activities without sustaining an injury. 

Today, I am able to enjoy the recreation that I look forward to, and complete the outing"

~Lynn Mullen


What you get...

A Strength and Conditioning program tailored to meet your needs

A nutrition plan to support your training and help you reach your goals

A personal coach to guide you along the way

A path to improved performance doing what you love and injury free


Nick Eisner

I used to push myself in the pool to the point of injuring myself, but since I’ve been working with Dylan, and his holistic approach toward health, I have not suffered one serious setback.  Moreover, For the first time in my life, my blood pressure is below normal, my cholesterol levels are of no concern, and my energy and stamina are top shelf.

Heidi Fish

Previous coaches that I tried seemed to offer a template that wasn't specific to me. But Dylan always listens to what I have to say and understands my big picture goals with an emphasis on longevity. Working with him has kept me fit, free from injuries, and healthy.

Brent Ruhne

Since working with Sea 2 Summit Training I'm stronger and recover better from day to day. I've put on additional muscle mass without adding body fat, and can feel that added strength on the boat.  Especially over the course of a four or five day event, it's remarkable how much better I feel.

It's three simple steps to pain free performance and doing what you love...
  1.  Schedule your free fitness strategy session

  2.  Allow us to build your custom fitness and nutrition program

  3. We'll execute your program together, and watch your goals become realities


Khalil Moutawakkil

I had a major snowboard accident that resulted in a surgery with quite a bit of metal in my leg.

Without having extensive knowledge about the infinite options for exercising, it was really daunting and unrealistic to be able to come up with a routine that was effective and personally sustainable.

Since starting with Dylan my leg strength is finally coming back and getting to the point where it doesn't feel like a flat tire any more. Running hasn’t felt so good since before my accident. 

Lynn Mullen

Working with Dylan has been about more than just working out.


The simple changes in my understanding of nutrition and how I eat brought about a 20 pound weight loss without being on a diet. I actually eat more than in the past but am able to maintain the weight loss.   

Dylan is great at explaining how and why things work which is a big inspiration for me.


He really listens to me and is clear about the activities that I am working toward being able to achieve, and and if I try to wiggle out of a workout he never makes me feel like a disappointment. Instead, he will come up with a different activity that keeps me moving.

Matt Whatley

Before training with Dylan and Sea to Summit Training I worked out regularly but frequently met plateaus.


This was discouraging and led to a lack of confidence that carried outside the gym as well.


After working with Dylan I’ve not only made progress toward climbing previous walls but have seen improvements in the way that I move and feel.


The process has been about so much more than just my gym routine and has really changed the way I look at fitness and has benefitted many aspects of my life.


Sea 2 Summit Training founder and Head Coach Dylan Staniec is both a llifelong athlete and lover of the outdoors.


He blends his passion for fitness and the outdoors to create fitness and nutrition programs specifically designed for people who want to continue to pursue their outdoor sports and hobbies